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Webdav - user management - web...

Post by Guest » Sun Jan 01, 2012 6:06 am



after browsing several hours to find any answer to my questions regarding webdav and lion server unsuccessfully i decided to raise theses questions collected here in this forum.


1. Is there a web interface for the webdav folder coming along with lion server? If no, where can i get one

     (similiar to e.g. idisk within mobile me)

2. how do i setup user for webdav. My users which i setup within the server app didn't work

3. is this (http://gigaom.com/apple/how-to-enable-webdav-on-your-mac-for-iwork-on-ipad/) the only way to setup user for webdav? how can i use the users which i setup for webdav?


thanks in advance






Re:Webdav - user management - web...

Post by Guest » Sun Jan 01, 2012 7:30 am

You can set up a "share" (or point to an already created one) that enables Webdav for IOS devices in Server app.  For example:  we have 260 students that have their "home" directories listed at /Student_home.  Go into Server app, select file sharing and choose the "share" that you want to enable webdav.  Click the edit pencil and under Settings select Share with IOS devices (webdav).  Then on your device use the URL http://your.server.com/webdav/short_user_name.  If you have SSL turned on for web, you'll need https.  Authenticate with the short name and password of user.  This works with iPad, iPhone, Macs and Windows Desktops (windows you'll need to Map a network drive).


So Johnny Brown grabs his iPad with Pages, says get document from Webdav and is presented with the login:  Enters https://myserver.com/webdav/johnnybrown for the server,  johnnybrown for username and whatever for password.


You could also make a share for a group "dropbox" to share documents and such.  Lots of possibilities.


I haven't messed around with the profile manager but I believe that PM will attempt to control this for each device registered to each user.  If so, you'll have to enable sharing with trusted certificates in the PM.  Since we're using this in an educational environment and don't have enough iPads, the students have to share which means that we can't assign one device per individual.


Hope this helps


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