Motion 5 Beach Balling, Crashing or...

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Motion 5 Beach Balling, Crashing or...

Post by Guest » Sun Dec 18, 2011 8:43 pm

FCPX works like a dream. Motion 5, not so much. It opens fine, but as soon as I start looking through the library at the content, or add pds files or pretty much do anything, the beach ball does it's thing.


I have an iMac, OS X (V10.6.8)

Processor: 3.06GHz MHz 2 Duo

Memory: 12 GB 1067 MHz DDR3


No matter what I do, the Beach ball spins forever, and or then I get a message saying "That I have too many apps open and need to close some". But most of the time all I have open is Motion and Safari.

Or I get the "Motion is no longer responding" message.


And when I have Motion open, and not doing anything with it, my iMac slows down. Even using Sarfari is painful.


Anyone have any hit or tips for this problem?



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