Logic Pro 9 MIDI Bug? - Sound plays 1...

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Logic Pro 9 MIDI Bug? - Sound plays 1...

Post by Guest » Thu Jan 12, 2012 2:03 pm

Hi Everyone,


I'm having an *interesting*, if not frustrating, problem with Logic Pro 9.1.5. I'm using an M-Audio Axiom 61 MIDI controller with Logic. Here is what is happening:

1. Play a note on the Axiom. Correct note (i.e. "C3") is received by Logic, when looking at the transport bar MIDI indicator.

2. When playing a software instrument, however, the note that "sounds" when playing the axiom is 1 octave above the note I'm playing, which is again indicated correctly in the transport bar. Insensitive of which software instrument I am currently recording.

3. When I play back the arrangement after recording, the sound output is in the "correct" octave. Another way to say this is that the playback sounds 1-octave below what was heard whilst recording!

If I open a new project, the soft synth sounds work perfectly, with no transposition of notes. However, if I leave the new project open (the one that works), and open the old project that has this problem simultaneously, the problem propagates to the new project as well. Very odd.

In any case, I noticed this yesterday when I had a pianist come in to record a few takes for me. I could not understand what was going on. I've done all of the simple stuff, such as making sure the MIDI keyboard is not somehow transposed up or down. Perhaps there is a global setting in Logic that transposes MIDI notes...? What is curious to me is why recorded data is correct, but monitoring the MIDI during recording is off by +1 octave.

Thanks for reading, and any help you might have.

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