How do I produce the highest quality...

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How do I produce the highest quality...

Post by Guest » Wed Dec 21, 2011 10:53 pm

What is the best method in iDVD11 for burning to DVD, an imported HD 720p or HD 1080p MOV file exported from iMovie11?


I have successfully exported a 5.5GB (66min) HD 720p MOV file from iMovie. I then used iDVD to import this MOV file and burn it to DVD. When I played the DVD the quality was nowhere near that of the imported HD 720p MOV file as played on QuickTime. The DVD also shows captions at the edge of the 16:9 TV screen instead of further inside as per the QuickTime screening of the HD 720p MOV file.


How can I improve quality and maintain borders in iDVD for the DVD output?


Re:How do I produce the highest quality...

Post by Guest » Wed Dec 21, 2011 11:35 pm



How can I improve quality and maintain borders in iDVD for the DVD output?



• Use iMovie up to HD6 or FinalCut - as iMovie'08 or 09 or 11 - just delivers every second line to iDVD = less resolution

• There are no HD-DVD in real life - DVD is as standard SD-Video

• If You must use iMovie'11 then do not use "Share to iDVD" BUT "Share to Media Browser" and as Large (Not HD or other resolution - as result will suffers)



• May be turning on TV-Safe area in iDVD can help a bit. ?

• If this is IMPORTANT - Then You have to re-do Your movie in FinalCut and here turn on TV-Safe area and shrink the movie area to within this. Now it will show all on an old CRT-TV - but with a black frame due to that no two CRT-TVs show exactly the same area and then TV-Safe must be less than this.


My - Un-specific notes on DVD-Quality. If You are interested.


DVD quality


1. iDVD 08, 09 & 11 has three levels of qualities. (vers 7.0.1, 7,0.4 & 7.1.1)

   iDVD 6 has the two last ones

• Professional Quality (movies + menus up to 120 min.) - BEST

• Best Performances (movies + menus  less than 60 min.) - High quality on final DVD

• High Quality (in iDVD08 or 09) / Best Quality (in iDVD6) (movies + menus up to 120 min.) - slightly lower quality than above


About double on DL DVDs.


2.Video from

• FCE/P - Export out as full quality (not self-containing, no QT-conversion)

• iMovie x-6 - Don't use ”Share/Export to iDVD” = destructive even to movie project and especially so

when the movie includes photos. Instead just drop or import the iMovie movie project icon (with a Star on it) into iDVD theme window.

• iMovie’08 not meant to go to iDVD. Go via Media Browser or rather use iMovie HD 6 from start.


3. I use Roxio Toast™ to make an as slow burn as possibly eg x1 (in iDVD’08 or 09  this can also be set)

This can also be done with Apple’s Disk Utilities application.


4. There has to be about or more than 25Gb free space on internal (start-up) hard disk. iDVD can't

use an external one as scratch disk (if it is not start-up disc).


5. I use Verbatim ( also recommended by many - Taiyo Yuden DVDs - I can’t get hold of it to test )


6. I use DVD-R (no +R or +/-RW)


7. Keep NTSC to NTSC - or - PAL to PAL when going from iMovie to iDVD


8. Don’t burn more than three DVD at a time - but let the laser cool off for a while before next batch.


iDVD quality also depends on.


• DVD is a standard in it self. It is Standard Definition Quality = Same as on old CRT-TV sets and can not

deliver anything better that this.


HD-DVD was a short-lived standard and it was only a few Toshiba DVD-players that could playback.

These DVDs could be made in DVD-Studio Pro. But they don’t playback on any other standard DVD-layer.


Blu-Ray / BD can be coded onto DVDs but limited in time to - about 20-30 minutes and then need

_ Roxio Toast™ 10 Pro incl BD-component

_ BD disks and burner if full length movies are to be stored

_ BD-Player or PlayStation3 - to be able to playback

The BD-encoded DVDs can be playbacked IF Mac also have Roxio DVD-player tool. Not on any standard Mac or DVD-player

Full BD-disks needs a BD-player (in Mac) as they need blue-laser to be read. No red-laser can do this.


• HOW much free space is there on Your internal (start-up) hard disk. Go for approx 25Gb.

less than 5Gb and Your result will most probably not play.


• How it was recorded - Tripod vs Handheld Camera. A stable picture will give a much higher quality


• Audio is most often more critical than picture. Bad audio and with dropouts usually results in a non-viewed movie.


• Use of Video-editor. iMovie’08 or 09 or 11 are not the tools for DVD-production. They discard every second line resulting in a close to VHS-tape quality.

iMovie 1 to HD6 and FinalCut any version delivers same quality as Camera record in = 100% to iDVD


• What kind of movie project You drop into it. MPEG4 seems to be a bad choice.

other strange formats are .avi, .wmv, .flash etc. Convert to streamingDV first

Also audio formats matters. I use only .aiff or from miniDV tape Camera 16-bit

strange formats often problematic are .avi, .wmv, audio from iTunes, .mp3 etc

Convert to .aiff first and use this in movie project


• What kind of standard - NTSC movie and NTSC DVD or PAL to PAL - no mix.

(If You need to change to do a NTSC DVD from PAL material let JES_Deinterlacer_3.2.2 do the conversion)

(Dropping a PAL movie into a NTSC iDVD project

(US) NTSC DVDs most often are playable in EU

(EU) PAL DVDs most often needs to be converted to play in US

UNLESS. They are playbacked by a Mac - then You need not to care


• What kind of DVDs You are using. I use Verbatim DVD-R (this brand AND no +R or +/-RW)


• How You encode and burn it. Two settings prior iDVD’08 or 09

Pro Quality (only in iDVD 08 & 09)

Best / High Quality (not always - most often not)

Best / High Performances (most often my choice before Pro Quality)


1. go to iDVD pref. menu and select tab far right and set burn speed to x1 (less errors = plays better) - only in iDVD 08 & 09

(x4 by some and may be even better)

2. Project info. Select Professional Encoding - only in iDVD 08 & 09.


Region codes.

iDVD - only burn Region = 0 - meaning - DVDs are playable everywhere


DVD Studio pro can set Region codes.

1 = US

2 = EU


unclemano wrote


What it turned out to be was the "quality" settings in iDVD. The total clip time was NOT over 2 hours or 4.7GB, yet iDVD created massive visual artifacts on the "professional quality" setting.


I switched the settings to "high quality" which solved the problem. According iDVD help, "high quality" determines the best bit rate for the clips you have.


I have NEVER seen iDVD do this before, especially when I was under the 2 hour and 4.7GB limits.


For anyone else, there seem to be 2 places in iDVD to set quality settings, the first is under "preferences" and the second under "project info." They do NOT seem to be linked (i.e. if you change one, the other is NOT changed). take care, Mario



• Minimum of 25Gb free space on Start-Up hard disk

• No other programs running in BackGround eg EnergySaver

• Don’t let HD spinn down or be turned off (in EnergySave)

• Move hard disks that are not to be used to Trash - To be disconnected/turned off

• Goto Spotlight and set the rest of them under Integrity (not to be scanned)

• Set screensaver to a folder without any photo - then make an active corner (up right for me) and set

pointer to this - turns on screen saver - to show that it has nothing to show


Yours Bengt W

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